We will pick up photos in your Los Angeles home, scan them, and return everything back to you. You save if the photos are loose (shoebox style).

What you get:
The original scanned image
An auto-enhanced copy
300 DPI resolution
Each photo will be dusted by hand

Loose Photos:
0-500 photos – $.35/ph ($65 minimum)
501-750 photos  – $.33/ph
751-1000 photos – $.31/ph
1001 photos and up – $.29/ph

Options available:
600 DPI (+10%)
Front-back scan
Burn to disk

Price for photos in album – $.55/ph

Auto-enhanced photos
(Included in standard package)

Millennial Scans before/after auto-enhanced
Millennial Scans Before-After-Beach

Learn more. FAQs

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